Strauss Music Agency

The Strauss Music School & Agency has been in operation for more than 40 years, offering private or group lessons in piano, guitar and singing. We're a musical family!

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Join the Strauss Music School and make beautiful music for the rest of your life!

Strauss Music School is under the baton of talented music teacher, songwriter, pianist and singer, Suzette Strauss and her two daughters, Liz and Taniia who are both professional musicians and continually gig around the world.

Suzette has been a music teacher for more than 40 years, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Music, and held many positions in music education, like Director of the Randburg Music School in Johannesburg, over the years.

She has experience with licentiate students, choirs, UNISA piano and theory examinations and also teaches singing, recorder and guitar.

She regularly composes songs, appears on the radio and directs and orchestrates musical shows for the local community.

Community members call her the best music teacher they have ever met.

Currently Suzette and her daughters run a music school from home in the Garden Route area (George, Wlderness). Their students range from beginners to advanced, ages 1 to 99, many of them preparing for Eisteddfods and UNISA performance exams.

If you want to...
  • Learn to play the piano, guitar, recorder or improve your singing?
  • Be more comfortable performing in front of an audience, like at an Eisteddfod?
  • Advance your musical/instrumental skills?
  • Learn the theory of music?
Contact Taniia, Liz or Suzette Strauss, preferably via email